Published 26.05.2022 01:05

by Goat

Total plays: 158

  • Lemm

    The first thing I did after leaving the house was murder all of the animals in the pen – pure soul indeed? Using items as a quest log is fantastic! I quite liked the plains area; there is a ghost in the first camp there, oddly enough. And our father probably hasn’t left the house in a while – you can bypass the forest by hugging close to the sea.

    • Goat

      Omg the goated lemm played my game. I’m honored. Maybe I’ll fix that sequence break-maybe it’s ok if people can find a shortcut. It’s more meant to be an open world anyway, so maybe it’s ok. I’ll keep an eye out for that ghost though. Lots of more content coming, the game is barely started. Should be done in a couple weeks, I’d be over the moon if you got a chance to play the full version upon completion. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words!