First game

Published 20.08.2021 11:08

by Rupus

Total plays: 8

This is my first game in progress. It is still very unfinished and not much to do yet. Please tell me what you would like to see!

One thought on “First game

  • eli

    Hi, so, I played your game to its extinct. It seems really lovely, and would be a great fit for an adventure story!
    However, the way you use your space needs improvement: the outdoor map is too big since there is no developed story. therefor you may not know for sure what to put. Try to reduce its size at first and put a forest or stuff around it?
    Also, the corridor has an interesting shape, yet the composition of the space is a bit “crue”(?). Try a smoother disposition! Avoid big rooms with 3 furniture max. A good tips also is: look at the front to see how the house can be composed. Because from the front I would guess there are multiple floors meanwhile there is only one.
    However, you truly did it well for a first game!! The backyard is really cute and I love the light effect in the storage room (I am not a native english speaker, sorry for my lack of vocabulary).
    It might be complicated to continue the game without a story, so you might put monsters at first and then think about a plot?
    personal preference here: For important moments us invisible switches but for details, or less important information go for the other invisble actor that looks like book holder :).

    Hope it helps, can’t wait to see your game finished!
    PSA: Sorry for the typos