Forest of Wonderland(Demo)(Cancelled? Dunno if I will update this Xp)

Published 11.07.2022 01:07

by EybiSea

Total plays: 181

It's sad when you have to move to a new home where you were very comfortable in that one. Here is a story of a young girl exploring her new home but she ventured too far to the forest and saw wondrous people and things, although not everything is safe. Play as the young girl and keep her safe!

  • MooseGoose the ultimate game-genie

    this game was so much fun and deserves more attention! i loved the train, and i think it probably took a while to make. but my absolute favorite part of the game was the reference to the legend of the three orbs! most LOTTO references are just including a character from the game, or at least putting in a little dialogue referencing it, but in this game, there is an entire puzzle, and you remade marians house really well! great job! i can’t wait to see more!