Published 03.03.2021 08:03

by TManSan

Total plays: 38

You're a Teen who's not really anything big or anything important in life. However, you are an overall nice guy, just trying to help people with their problems and make the world a better place. Until one day, you're not allowed to leave your town, because a monster showed up, you must save your village and the people. But wait, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF YOUR STORY!

  • TManSan

    If you are enjoying this game please comment on any suggestions that I should make. I know that some of the doors don’t work… and you can walk on the water. But any comment helps. Thanks in advance!

  • Marby

    You already made a beautiful map design. I like the small snow isles in the water.

    Messages like “Hmm there seems to be treasure up there, but how do I get up?” should not appear over and over. Use a token to disable this message after it showed up once or change it later on into something like: “How could I get it?”
    You’re using an invisible floor switch at the moment for that message. If you use an invisible actor instead at the stone wall, you could let show the message only, if the hero looks towards the chest. But if I’m thinking about: If the chest is this much higher, could the hero really be able to see it?

    Monsters shouldn’t be placed too near beside an entrance.

    Use impassable ground tiles in the boss fight level (“Inquisitor” or “REFMAP” ground tiles) and place them beneath the water or the meadow in order to prevent the actors from moving off the plateau. Try different ground tiles to learn, which are the best ones for you. If you place them beneath the meadow or the water, the player won’t see them, but they will make tiles impassable. If the ground tile cannot be placed beneath another tile you have to find other ground tiles, which are working better.

    Hope I could help you with this.