Published 12.10.2017 12:10

by outczst

Total plays: 218

Play as a boy named Hayden. The most experienced Gamer on Earth. As Hayden jumps through many old Arcade games, So do you!

There are many ‘Easter Eggs’ in this game… so keep trying various items to find one!

  • Comprehensible

    This game is really cool! I like how you used the arrows for doors, that was a cool stylistic choice! The idea of being able to go into video games is creative. I TOTALLY got pranked by PrankBoy. TuT Some of the places had me a little confused to where I had to go, like the street fighter level. There’s lots of door sprites to you can use here, including the new teleport function, it’s really awesome!
    Great work! I’m looking forward to the part 2!

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