George The Gifted

Published 18.10.2017 06:10

by outczst

Total plays: 132

Play as George Juv and discover your family’s history!

  • Comprehensible

    This is really awesome! Thanks for the cameo! 😀
    I thought the story line was really interesting, and I especially liked the clarity. I could follow it the whole way through. It also makes me wonder, which is really nice. Who is HAYDEN? I guess I won’t know until the sequel! I think the level look could use a little work, it was a tiny bit lacking in some areas. Also, there was a whole swath of unfinished NPCs, and two of the diagonal paths go to the same place. Great work! I can really see the improvement from your last game, and I can’t wait to see more!

    • outczst

      Thanks for the feedback, By the way, Hayden is the person you play as in ‘Gamer’ 😀 Also, the reason 2 of the diagonal pathways lead to the Dance Hall is because Josh Rich is AT the Dance Hall 🙂 The unfinished NPCs is all on me, I just couldn’t be bothered XD