Mirrored Hearts

Published 18.10.2020 06:10

by LikesWine

Total plays: 294

UPDATE: I'm attempting to put respawn features into the game but it's not working properly at the moment. DON'T DIE! :) This game is not complete. Please play a little and give me some feedback. Any constructive feedback is welcome. The premise of this game is that you are playing as Gerda from "The Snow Queen." The story takes place after the events of the Snow Queen when Gerda and Kai have grown up. Be prepared to meet a variety of fairy-tale characters in this "Once Upon A Time"-esque crossover.

  • TopazTheMagi

    Hello! Even though your game is unfinished, it’s very well set-up for where it is right now. I loved how you used the sprite-changer to give the character a cloak! The characters are lively, and everyone seems to have their own story. I love it!
    The only thing I suggest you could add would be separating the large chunks of text the characters speak into smaller lines, to make it easier to read and digest what they’re saying. Other than that, well done!

    • LikesWine

      Thanks, I had considered that it was quite a bit of an info dump at the start. I’ll try out making them shorter. Glad you liked the cloak idea, it was the first thing I did. I’m going to make it essential to solve certain quests needing to wear the cloak.

  • Comprehensible

    This was really fun!
    The city was really beautifully made. I especially love the buildings with a bridge between them – it looks so nice! And the rooftop garden? *Chef’s kiss.* Also, I think the cloak quest line is very clever. I found it tricky, but it felt good figuring it out. And it’s a nice use of the change hero feature!
    If I had any feedback to offer, it would be that dialogue runs a little long. Figuring out what text is absolutely essential and what should be cut is a difficult skill – I struggled with it when I first started on here.
    Great work! I loved playing this, and I can’t wait to see what lies in the forest!

    • LikesWine

      Thank you! Since I’m basing it on the Snow Queen, I can’t take credit for the idea of the rooftop garden – but it was certainly a fun design challenge. I’m glad you like the Cloak quest! Did you figure out that there are some quests that you can only do wearing the cloak? Some town people also react to you differently in a Cloak.

      The forest quest is actually also complete (or should be!) as of typing this, unless the work I did previously did not save properly!

      Thank you for the feedback about the text. Can I ask if it was most conversations – or rather just the conversation on the garden? I am setting up for a long story – so I suppose I have all these elements I’m wanting to bring in to that first conversation (i.e. Gerda can talk to flowers, the quest Kai is going on is the same as the daughter of the air’s request etc.)

      I’ll have a go at revisiting it. It was also the first one I did, so if you didn’t notice any other ones that were too long – it means I might be improving it!

      Ultimately though, I like the conversation aspects of a story RPG so I’m anticipating it being an ongoing reality!

      • Raymond Foster

        I for one ADORE your style of dialogue and character/story development and hope you don’t shorten it too much if you do…

        As I shared in my comment below, I would actually love to be able to write like yourself, it’s beautiful..

  • Raymond Foster

    Okay, I have only just started the first quest, met the daughter of the Air and started looking around town… First person I happened to talk to was Howl! Haha.
    Howl’s Moving Castle has always been one my favourite fables. Very cool to meet him and Califer and Sophie Haha.
    I would like to say, just from this short play test, I am LOVING IT!
    You have a real way with words, a true poet and I really enjoy your characters and their dialogue.

    Would you at all consider helping me with some of my games characters and or their personality/dialogue etc? -you have a real skill for this and my characters could use some work, I am great at world building but lacking in this.
    I would be indebted to you and extremely grateful if you could help me with this, you’re characters have something magical about them that I can’t quite put my finger on, and I don’t know how to recreate that ‘magic’ myself…

    I look forward to exploring even more of your amazing game! Thank you!

    • LikesWine

      Thank you so much! I am so pleased that you are enjoying it! I would be more than happy to work with you on dialogue!

      I love Howl’s – have you read the books? Dianna Wynne Jones is one of my favourite authors – I lover her work!

      Are you on the discord chat much? We should connect on there and chat about dialogue. I had a short go at one of your games the other day – I need to have another go to get a better feel because it was much bigger than I thought!

      But yes – definitely keen to collaborate. If you’re good at world building then I’m sure there are things you can teach me too! 🙂

      • Raymond Foster

        Awesome! I’m excited with the idea of collaboration! Thank you.

        I haven’t read the book myself, I might one day. I have watched Howl’s Moving Castle more times than I can remember though Hahaha.

        I haven’t joined the Discord server yet, but I will get on there and chat with you there!

        And I am happy to help you also in anyway I can.
        Peace, God Bless, and see you in the Discord.

  • Aldrich

    This game has perhaps the most potential of any game I’ve seen on RPG Playground. There is certainly more to do, but when finished, I suspect you could end up creating one of the best games of RPG Playground. Keep up the amazing work!

    • LikesWine

      Thanks you! I suppose a hint for the bees is to let the other chick fight them. You can also still utilise the healing circle if you’re in a pinch!

      There is much more to the game currently than that boss so I hope you get the chance to explore the rest!

  • Pokefan

    I couldn’t play as much as I’d have liked but I will certainly pick up where I left off later. The town was beautifully crafted and I’m fond of the individual npc dialogue, it’s something I haven’t seen too much of in most games here but it’s a very nice touch. Clearly much care has gone into this, great work!

  • Macmor

    I like the city and the attention to detail. Also the french guy lol. And the way you made it look like you were on a cliff, I’m gonna have to use that somewhere! I like JRPGS because they’re usually story driven and I don’t know this story so I’m enjoying that too. I’m familiar with some of the other stories but only the Disney versions and I know the little mermaid is different from the movie. I only got as far as Howl so I need to play it again.

  • LikesWine

    Oh nice! As in his castle? If you got in there you got about as far as the game is actually made up to! If you like the cliff you should check out my other game featuring Kai – I did a much better job on that one! Thanks for the detailed feedback – I’m so glad someone has taken the time to talk to the characters. 🙂

    • LikesWine

      Wow! It’s amazing you have played it that far! It is a bit tricky! Let me know if you think it’s too hard but you’re actually supposed to pick ”no” after seeing the initial castle sequence and then something interesting will happen… 🙂