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Mirrored Hearts

published 18.10.2020 06:10
by LikesWine
total plays: 28

This game is not complete. Please play a little and give me some feedback. Any constructive feedback is welcome. The premise of this game is that you are playing as Gerda from "The Snow Queen." The story takes place after the events of the Snow Queen when Gerda and Kai have grown up. Be prepared to meet a variety of fairy-tale characters in this "Once Upon A Time"-esque crossover.


3 thoughts on “Mirrored Hearts”

  1. Hello! Even though your game is unfinished, it’s very well set-up for where it is right now. I loved how you used the sprite-changer to give the character a cloak! The characters are lively, and everyone seems to have their own story. I love it!
    The only thing I suggest you could add would be separating the large chunks of text the characters speak into smaller lines, to make it easier to read and digest what they’re saying. Other than that, well done!

    • Thanks, I had considered that it was quite a bit of an info dump at the start. I’ll try out making them shorter. Glad you liked the cloak idea, it was the first thing I did. I’m going to make it essential to solve certain quests needing to wear the cloak.

      • Oh! I hadn’t meant the title slide- that actually works well, because it’s more of a preface than an info-dump. I meant the character interactions- although it’s a bit of a personal preference, it seems like a theme in polished games. Probably should have made that a little clearer ^^’
        And yeah! I’m looking forwards to seeing more of your world ^^


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