Ghost's Lair (@randomnpcgamer's Game)

published 16.11.2019 06:11
by BREN.N.Z.
total plays: 9

Turns out this game was a game from @randomnpcgamer! Don't give me any of the credit. RPG Playground used to have a copy game feature, so I probably did that. Anyway, go follow @randomnpcgamer, it's fun to play this game from time to time, and I also think you should check this out!


2 thoughts on “Ghost’s Lair (@randomnpcgamer’s Game)”

  1. Hiya! This is my old game from like 2 years ago, I have absolutely no idea how this showed up on your account, but the original is still on Rpg Playground both on my old account and my current one! I don’t mind if you keep on here, as long as you give me credit 🙂


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