Heart of Alchemy

Published 24.06.2021 03:06

by ResearchCapstone34+35

Total plays: 157

Welcome to our rpg game! I hope you enjoy learning, exploring , and answering all of the questions given!

There will be a cube-like 3d object called an Adeptus in each place that will instruct the player. The player shall enter the first Manor/Shop/Tower as Instructed by the Adeptus to accomplish the Quest whilst avoiding the monsters that will lessen their health amount. The Player shall answer all 25 questions. To kill the Monsters, the Player, if using the web, may press “M” to use the sword or touch the weapon on the bottom right. If the player is using the phone, movements of Up, Left, Down, Right shall be found on the bottom left portion of the screen and Web players may use the Up, Left, Down, Right buttons. Health potions are found around the map to gain or increase health. To end the Game, the player should go through the portal that leads the player to the Boss or Final Round where the Hidden Character provides the boss question that requires solving. It can be disguised as an object or in the form of a humanoid so the players must explore the whole map.

A map has been provided for you so please use it.

Enjoy! – Sumastre, Bandola, Hufano, Raro, De Lima.

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