Heroes of Taliness (OUTDATED)

Published 13.06.2023 02:06

by MooseGoose the ultimate game-genie

Total plays: 93

A long time ago, the world was at war. Monsters had been growing they're forces, hoping to enslave and annihilate the human race. But, hundreds of years afterward, a young boy named Samuel (Sammy) heard from his mom that her bag was missing, so he set off to find it. However, he soon eventually realizes that he is not just a normal boy. Join him on his quest! A quest that transformed him from a small knight in training to a godly warrior. Will he save the world, or will he die trying? Its your (and Sammys) job to find out! (btw keep in mind that this is just a demo. the game is still not done yet, but will be soon) (special update added) enjoy playing! ~MooseGoose