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Daffodil Village

published 27.11.2020 03:11
by hi_its_me
total plays: 138

WIP- You live in Daffodil Village. You can explore, brainwash children, talk to the townspeople, and more! 1-13-2021: Updated some dialogue in Daffodil Forest Updated some dialogue to the first classroom in Daffodil Institute of the Chivalrous Updated some dialogue in the bar Changed some visual details 1-14-2021 Added new levels + Anemone Village Added more dialogue in Daffodil Institute of the Chivalrous Added more dialogue in Daffodil Forest Noticed Problems: When talking to QFL after she arrives in class, she says the same dialogue over and over. For now I removed the dialogue. 1-15-2020 Added new floor to the school and Apartment in Anemone Village Noticed Problems: When you teleport outside the classroom for lunch. The teacher starts talking again.


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