Joshje's Angel Ep 3

published 03.03.2019 12:03
by zerofizzy
total plays: 164

(Part three out of ???) Joshje is forced to go to an enemy kingdom to save one of her angel friends Maro, and she realises that life in Hell isn't as cozy as it seemed. Why does everyone in the Silver kingdom hate her so much? Who was that blonde angel that saved Maro? Most distressingly, why did that man in the bar think she was 200 years old?!


9 thoughts on “Joshje’s Angel Ep 3”

  1. There might be a glitch where the demons guarding the entrance of the castle door push you back in then you have to repeat that part just to let the demons push you back in XD hope you fix this. (please fix this I mean)

      • Yeah, it’s okay. I just warned you cause maybe this might occur to other players, but I still finished the game running away from the demons that tried to push me back in XD


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