knowledge is power! COMPLETE!

Published 20.08.2020 05:08

by Thepotatoe101

Total plays: 155

in this game, you will solve brain testing puzzles, solve tough riddles, and MORE! i would love to add more to this game but i just hit my deadline to finish but here's the thing, as our hero gains smarts, he will grow stronger and stronger! this game so... hope you enjoy!!!!! can YOU be the best of the best? log: version 1.1 - 1.6 added two towns, 4 trials, and other things version 1.6.1 added cam's house and more detail to the main town version 1.6.2 made it to where you can change the music while in cam's house, also added difficulty thing. version 1.7 there's an impossible mode now!!! version 1.7.1 added a short quest with the woodcutter in the main town version 1.8 added trial 5 and tereesa takeover ending version 1.8.5 starting to add the final bosses