lands of secrets (part 5)

Published 22.12.2020 07:12

by Sakib_GC

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whats new: change character to Flora Neatree (girl) or Flint Neatree (boy). after our protagonist goes to sleep he finds himself in another dimension with a new guest... explore and travel to find the next chapter coming soon...


One thought on “lands of secrets (part 5)

  • the queen is my sister and I’m not trying to put hate on her because she is actually a really kind and nice person in real life also in my book in flora/flint’s view everything is black and white if that changes anything… also ill be working on part 6 and after that ill be back to upload the part 7 in 2021 and last I’m going to be making a new series called the missed 1 and its gonna be about murder and yeah. have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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