Legend of Eve and the Land of Eden

Published 18.05.2022 12:05

by TrillOnYoSheets

Total plays: 392

Immerse in the Land of Eden. Travel through 6 Realms in the Land Of Eden. Defeat the evil minister, Amon and his henchmen to save Princess Eve. There are 5 events in the game, which you will receive a item, which later will be able to trade for the Ultimate Weapon from the Goddess Herself. Journey waits Hero, will you be able to save the Princess and save the Land of Eden from Amon's reign of terror. There is a save program using a password, so you can leave and load your game anytime you like and all your stats, equipment, and tokens from events will carry through. Please wait for the game to load, it's a big game so it takes a little bit to load, please be patient. Enjoy...

One thought on “Legend of Eve and the Land of Eden

  • Macmor

    The guy outside of town: Rouge should be rogue i think. And you should use a token or counter so he says something different when the soldiers are killed.
    Hide and seek: The kids were already visible before you start the game. same with the kids in the cave. Good job so far!