Mrs.Gooserham's classroom

published 28.11.2019 06:11
by cowtrooper4
total plays: 288

It is your first day in a new school, but the entire place feels off. The teacher has a knife, everybody wants each other dead, and there are dangerous objects around the classroom. Kill or be killed. Here is the sequel Edit: thanks for over 280 visits! I have started on my next big update for this game, so you may see a few changes and new things in the game in the next few days.


8 thoughts on “Mrs.Gooserham’s classroom”

  1. I enjoyed the game, is it possible to kill the last 3 people? The one who gives the key, the sleeping fluid, and the one who says I should go back to my seat?

    • Every student in the class can be removed. Here is a helpful hint on how to kill each of those people:
      For the key giver, the girl left of her has to be alive.
      For the sleeping fluid giver, you have to have something given by betrayal (and not talk to the girl who removes items).
      For the girl asking you to go to your seat, you have to have aa specific item given by trading.


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