Perspective in the Realm of Multimodal Composing from the View of Unattributed Writers

Published 18.04.2020 02:04

by Amaro

Total plays: 124

This description is intended for educators. This game is designed to teach students about ghostwriting in classrooms and how it can aid students in learning about perspective. As you will learn in the game, unattributed authors (also known as ghostwriters) develop many skills that are useful in making big decisions in a group, understanding all arguments in a debate, becoming more open to criticism, and cultivating an open mind. This also explains the wonderful power video games hold. They allow a person to step inside a characters mind to act within their shoes, doing and saying as they think the character should. Enjoy!
How to play: Use the arrow keys or the (WASD) on your keyboard to move. M is used to hit creatures flying about. Sphynx the Fairy is there to guide you if you get lost.

Tips for completing the game:
-Talk to All characters even if you feel they would have nothing to say.
-Explore all indoor places. If you feel you cannot reach a door (for instance because of the little bridge in front of the houses) you can usually enter from the side. Go to the end of the bridge and go on top.
– If you are stuck, walk around for a bit, the door may be hidden in the room. Walk away and walk towards door. Talk to more people.
Sources used include:
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Bosch’s and Joseph’s “Ghostwriting: Research Misconduct, Plagiarism, or Fool’s Gold
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Scott’s “Freelance Ghostwriting as a Writing Career”
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