Plant Cell Analogy

Published 11.10.2022 05:10

by Firegolem

Total plays: 30

Hi! I'm making this game for my biology class. The scene shows an area that represents a plant cell and its organelles, represented by a house and the people in it. Please tell me if any of the information is incorrect, because this is meant to be informational.

  • Kuroha

    Wow, this is really well made for a biology project! I don’t take biology as a major so this is a lot of new information to take in, but the way you presented it made it really interesting to play through! The thing I love most is the dialogues, and especially the jokes. They’re really well though out, and the information doesn’t get boring. I literally didn’t think playing a biology game would be this fun! Plus, I also love the fact that the design of the house plays a part in telling the information. Keep it up, this is amazing!

    • Firegolem

      Seriously? This is the kindest thing I’ve heard all day! I was actually pretty worried I didn’t do well. I’m sure I could have done better, but I still feel rather proud and I’m happy you enjoyed my project!

          • Kuroha

            Oh wow, I guess that explains it. I’m a grade below you, and now I wish I had chosen biology as a subject. Your project already seems quite detailed, I can’t imagine how much more information they’ll teach in the next years.