Quests of Quara (Full Release)

Published 25.01.2022 12:01

by FellowGamer14

Total plays: 375

This is the Full relaease version of Quests of Quara, I hope you guys enjoy, feedback is appreciated. You play as a young traveler named Quara who arrived in this mysterious land being overrun by monsters. Save this world with your new friend Lord Callagan of the region of Ithiscarya (New changes include Dueling system and fixed the exiting of Callagan's house)

  • Lemm

    Good, (and I knew it had to be C, he kept teleporting ahead of us!) but the fighting became a little repetitive, especially when bosses just had more health. Maybe add some puzzle elements to the boss fights? Even, for instance, collecting gems and putting them on the right pedestals, or something? But the map was fun to walk through, I enjoyed it!

  • FellowGamer14

    Hey there Lemm, I’m glad you enjoyed it! This is the first ever game I made in RPG Playground and am not very good at coding puzzles, but I am working towards making it better in the sequel I am currently working on. The sequel will be bigger and better than the last, with new maps and challenges. If you have any tips, I’d be happy to take advice from the community