R Pacman G

Published 23.09.2022 11:09

by Nakrotam

Total plays: 39

So! I made a Pacman game with this. It would have taken a lot less time if there was a duplicate button for actors, just sayin', haha!
It was so much easier than Pacman (probably because the monsters spend so much time pushing on walls) that I had to make it harder in a few other ways. :)
Probably should play it fullscreen.

    • Nakrotam

      Thank you! It took quite a while to put the baubles down (like I said in description, a duplication feature would have been a huge blessing), and it still has some glitches, but it was rewarding, and seems to be pretty well balanced in difficulty.

      Unfortunately, I think I made the intro screen on my other game, “Siobhan Too Far”, too difficult: I put the solution in, but I don’t know how many people read the description. 🙂