Published 05.09.2021 05:09

by Pokefan

Total plays: 630

You exist, or do you? By exploring the different areas created by your mind, will you find the truth about yourself? All doors lead somewhere and yet, if you're not careful enough, they may as well lead nowhere. Time to complete: depends on choices but is usually between half an hour and an hour.

  • Pokefan

    Heya Macmor, yes only the gold is found in the mine. Head back to the main cave and go to the top of the map to reach an area leading towards the diamond. Head back to the main cave, go left through the exit marked by arcs, then walk down and complete the task there to obtain the relic. Once you have all three items, return to the man and the quest is complete. Should you not want to complete the quest or be unable to do so at any point (it can happen), then either speak to the man and give up or head through the arcs and enter the shrine at the top, following the path behind the crack in the wall. I hope this helps!