Published 06.01.2021 08:01

by Pokefan

Total plays: 682

You find yourself in a place you do not recognize, you have no recollection of anything. As you traverse the kingdom, you slay monsters and discover the truth about yourself as well as those involved with you. Your memory returns over time but will you be ready to face your destiny? (Estimated time to finish playing through: 2 hours and yes that colon in the title is intentional)


0 thoughts on “Re:surrection

  • Hi, I just finished the game and I really like it! so far this game has the most complex story I have ever played. The characters are well written and the story itself is just awesome 😀

    • Heya Azure! Thank you for playing and leaving a comment and I’m very glad you enjoyed it! If this is something you liked, I am going to release a new game of similar complexity to its story sometime this weekend. Feel free to have a look at it if you’d like! Also, do let me know if you have any constructive criticism or questions. I want to strive to create better games in the future, as this was my very first after all!


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