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Rise if the Fallen Episode 2

published 13.05.2020 03:05
by lancerguy
total plays: 115

Now that the beginning of the series has been released we have the action begin now. Now introducing dungeon and music to the game and a better story line episode 2/4 and after 4 I will release a sequel series called fall of the risen. I know the first episode wasn't as good as I was hoping it to be but this one is 200% better. also the game ends after you leave the Caves Of Atrio after the treasure room scene.


9 thoughts on “Rise if the Fallen Episode 2”

  1. Also the scerney is very simple if you put more hard work in to it people might enjoy it more! Also not everyone knows what your thinking mabye giving hints at where to go would be helpful for whoever is playing the game.


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