Published 24.09.2016 08:09

by Keegan

Total plays: 86

The Kingdom of Mau (Mau is a placeholder while I still come up with a name) is a kingdom that has stood for hundreds of years. A long time ago, The Kingdom of Mau was attacked by mysterious people appearing from no where! The main castle was destroyed but we were able to fight back and build a new castle! But people feel a great darkness surrounding the old castle, now known as the ruins. Recently, the old king has mysteriously died and a new king has come out from nowhere to take his place. There are now rumors of the government now being corrupt, and a cult randomly appearing in the ruins. Tom, a teen boy, woke up to find his house burnt down. He only finds a note on the ground, “Run! Start your journey!” You control Tom, who isn’t really sure what his ‘journey’ is!