Seven Powers – The Titan’s Curse (WIP)

Published 22.03.2022 01:03

by Yolso

Total plays: 55

The Titan King rises, and you the hero must stop him before it's too late! About 30 minutes of gameplay.

  • Macmor

    So for the “New letter for you” invisible floor switch, make it inactive as the last line in the code. This way, it won’t repeat if you step there again. Same with the floor switch in the boss room. Also, you can’t get the potion in there because it’s on the chest. With the cave, you can walk on the walls inside and outside, if you go back to refmap dungeon, choose one of the same tiles but NOT the middle one. For some reason it’s the only one you can walk through. In the hospital when talking to the nurse, actually is misspelled and the interface is missing a “t”. You need to make the floor tile in the hospital inactive also. I got stuck at the bridge or stairs in the screen after the one with the Elves, it doesn’t let you walk onto it. Great job so far! Keep it up!