Siobhan Too Far

Published 04.09.2022 06:09

by Nakrotam

Total plays: 17

Siobhan went too far, and now she can't get back. Maybe there is a way, if she can get help.

A small game, the first game I've made here, made in around two and a half days. There are two endings: good and bad. I hope it isn't too difficult. If you'd like to know, "Siobhan" is pronounced "shivahn" (it's Irish). There's a little cheat I can let you know about if you want, and if you don't find it yourself first. If you're having trouble getting through the maze at the start, I put directions in the comments. :)

One thought on “Siobhan Too Far

  • Nakrotam

    (Spoiler: directions for the maze at the beginning)
    To get through the maze, hold down the south west keys (there’ll be a message along the way), then when you can’t go further, go north as far as you can (another message along the way), then south east to the next message, and after the message go north east till you stop, then north west.