Slay: Frostland Design Challenge

Published 08.03.2021 06:03

by shay slay

Total plays: 169

Welcome to my little snowy village! Interact with NPC's & wander around the snowy terrain. Thanks for checking out my design :) Made for the Snow & Water design challenge.

  • Marby

    Your design is beautiful and the ship really is a masterpiece! I especially like the cats from another dimension and the different stories of the townspeople.

    A little hint for your messages:
    If an actor has much to say, you could divide the text it into shorter messages. Every time the hero talkes to that actor again, that way the actor could say something different. Commercial RPG games are using this technique very often. The last sentence, which an actor says is mostly very short and than repeats over and over until you leave the town. Your sentence “Of course, as locals, you and I already know this.” is perfect for such a last message. The player will have the feeling to play more fluently and not having to read too much at once. I myself make somtimes the mistake to put too much text in the dialogs. However, I use this technique very often and almost for every actor in the game I currently make. If the situation changes, you could let the actors even say different things than before. I find the gameplay can even be more interesting that way.

    Cut-scenes should run only once and the man who is fallen in love blocks the path. You should make sure, actors are not in the way unless you intend this.

    If you need to split up too much messages, you can use number variables instead of tokens. If you do not exactly know, how to implement all these suggestions, tell me and I’ll help you.

    • shay slay

      Thank you! It took a while but I like designing this way – I love to put “character” in the NPC’s lol. Good info, I’ll definitely put it to use 🙂 I appreciate the feedback – it will definitely help make my games better. I’m working on another challenge and I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for the dialoug. Again, I appreciate this! Your insight is awesome 🙂 I came up with another plot last night and it’s going to be a bigger game than I’ve done before and your notes will for sure be put to good use!

  • Marby

    Perhaps, we even can help each other. I’m not that good as the design than you. I guess I’m not bad, but you’re awesome! My strengths lie more in programming in fantasy storytelling.

  • Comprehensible

    Whoa Slay this is so cool!!!!
    The ship is awesome! I’ve only seen that done once before but that was before water so it was sitting in a bed of mud. XD And all the actors have such funny things to say! I especially love the produce guy and the animals trying to get back to their own dimension. Great work!