S.O.T.R. [game in development]

Published 09.03.2020 06:03

by Adonai Blackwood

Total plays: 174

S.O.T.R. (Sig O Theta Rho) is an action and adventure role-playing game. SOTR follows the story of a young maiden named Vera, and an outcasted prince named Liam. Follow the journeys of these beloved characters! These young Heroes will discover their "Origin Stories", and find their Destiny! It will be up to them to save the magical Realm of Azalon from the Dark Void and the evil Master Kazar Thaggis!

  • Adonai Blackwood

    I’m proud to present my first RPG!

    I loved playing video games in my youth (although I was never that good), and now I can make them!

    I hope to expand this story into multiple games (since there’s no save function yet), so that way the games can be short & fun!

    Enjoy & have fun! Please leave feedback!

    Thank you!


  • Adonai Blackwood

    As a new aspiring game-maker, I have a few suggestions:

    – add an in-game player profile / save function (even if it’s just one “save slot”)
    – add water (sea) landscape/map tiles; I’d like to make “islands” in a body of water, or create lakes within my land maps
    – add the ability to edit levels
    – …

    (updated 3.27.20)

  • Aldrich

    Jokes on you–I chose the dark side and beat all the monsters.
    And nothing happened. So I just walked back and chose the light door. There really should be some alternative if we beat the monsters for the Dark Side, though.

  • Aldrich

    Wha? Is that the end? Are you still developing it, good sir? I enjoyed this game. One piece of feedback. I though in some placed you had a lot of beautiful detail and scenery, and other places just felt–empty. Sorta inconsistent. Also, it would be SO cool if there was an actual alternative path if you defeat the monsters for the dark side.
    That would make it one of my favorite games on this website.

    • Adonai Blackwood

      Hello! I’m glad you are enjoying the game. I’m loving the creative process!

      Thank you for your feedback too.
      Oddly enough, I edited the game without seeing your comments, and I added a way for the player to beat all the monsters & to progress thru the storyline to where Vera meets Liam.

      I will edit the Inn scene to make the objective a bit more clear..like, create more “explorable objects” that give bits of info to help guide the player…

      Overall this game has been a fun process! Storytelling like this is kinda new to me…I’m excited to see where all this goes! 😉

      Thanks again! ^_^

      • Aldrich

        Yes, I was able to defeat all the monster and go back–but the game basically forces you to go through the light door. Ultimately, I think it would be incredible if you could choose the dark side, defeat the monsters, and progress the game never having gone through the light door. Is that perhaps what you changed? I will play through it again to see. See, it would be the exact same story, though–what if that choice of going through the dark door gives you a token, and that token will affect you for the rest of the game? Just a thought or something.

        • Adonai Blackwood

          Oooh! Okay, I got ya! ;]

          I will make the dark path “playable”..so basically: one chooses the door to the dark side, then they fight the monsters, then continue forward with the storyline…

          ☝️ I like the idea of using a “token” depending on the door…and then I can change up scenarios in the story based on the door the player goes thru.. That will give it sort of a different playing experience depending on the players choices..

          Thank you again for playing! I will make more updates to the game tonight!