Stabby Stab Trot Trot

Published 03.11.2020 11:11

by Timmerson

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You are Ramón Mercader. It is 1940 and you are a Spanish Communist. You have been tasked with the assassination of Leon Trotsky. Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, expelled Trotsky from the Communist Party before exiling him to present-day Kazakhstan and banishing him from the country altogether in 1929. Trotsky received asylum in Mexico in 1936. Trotsky was exiled due to the fact his beliefs clashed with Stalin's. Trotsky was very critical of Stalin's totalitarian tactics. You, Ramón Mercader, have been pretending to be Frank Jacson, the boyfriend of a Trotsky confidante from Brooklyn named Sylvia Ageloff. Ageloff has been living on the same compound as Trotsky and the guards have let you in to visit many times before as you are a familiar and friendly face. You have written an article that you have asked Trotsky to review for you. Despite the hot weather, you are also carrying a heavy coat and have concealed an ice ax inside of your jacket. You follow Leon Trotsky to his study ready for one final interaction with the revolutionary leader... PRESS SPACE BAR TO SWING "ICE AX" Klein, Christopher. “The Trotsky Assassination.”, A&E Television Networks, 21 Aug. 2015, “Ramon Mercader: Murderpedia, the Encyclopedia of Murderers.” Ramon Mercader | Murderpedia, the Encyclopedia of Murderers,