Super Mario Bros. Super Show RPG 2

Published 30.06.2022 02:06

by Miner1

Total plays: 25

The Mario Bros. and their friends have returned! This time, everything is different! King Koopa is the one who has been kidnapped by a mysterious villain who wants to use his power for their world domination plans! It is up to the Super Mario Bros. once again to save the day with a little help from Toad and Princess Toadstool! Will they stop this mysterious fiend and be able to save King Koopa and the world in time? Also, there are four endings for you to get! Will you get all of them? (DISCLAIMER: I do not own ANY characters in this game except Princess Vio and Dark Source! The other characters and any other things shown in this game belong to DIC Entertainment and Nintendo. This is a SMBSS fan game created for entertainment purposes only! Thank you!)