Telesilla of Argos

Published 20.01.2023 04:01

by ♥ Random Npc ♥

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This game, made for my women's history class, tells the story of Telesilla of Argos, a sickly child who went on to become one of the most influential female poets in Ancient Greece. And did I mention that she fought the Spartans and won? Credits: Custom tiles by @joselieras Sprite recolors by @joselieras and me Game by me :) Source: (Note: Not all graphics will be historically accurate, as we had to work within time constraints. However, we tried our best to make everything as accurate as possible within the time allotted. Thanks for understanding. Note #2: There is debate over whether or not Telesilla's defeat of the Spartans actually occurred, but regardless, she was still an important and interesting female figure in Greek poetry.)

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