The Age of Phronesis

Published 25.04.2022 05:04

by Project Capstone

Total plays: 247

Kai is a 17-year old boy who loves philosophy and problem-solving. He was studying to prepare for the upcoming midterm examination. He then took a break and went to the well near the town's forest. Kai then saw a strange object and when he touched it, he suddenly found himself in a throne room. Later, he realized that he traveled back in time and was teleported to the country of Graecia. King Alexander the Great negotiated with Kai and gave him a trial: To obtain "The Seven Elemental Orbs" from the Champions of Graecia, in order to form the "World Orb" - which grants one's desire. Aristotle, the King's mentor was sent to become your guide. Together, you will solve the world's problems and challenges. Adventure Awaits!