the Archetypal Journey

Published 04.10.2017 01:10

by brycehornback

Total plays: 19

Hey guys!! I am proud to announce that I have created my first test demo! I used archetypal characteristics and created a sequence of events about 2 minutes long that took about a hour to debug. I encourage you to try it and open up the screenplay code as I am very proud with what I came up with from much frustration.  Please do not judge the layout, it is very basic for a reason, I was simply testing what I could accomplish with the program as of right now. Your character starts in a open field, walk to the top left and you will find a entrance to some unknown place. I used tokens to create multiple dialogues with a character. I used the teleport function in a very cinematic way. Please enjoy this piece of work, however short it is, and I would love criticism on how to more efficiently create events in the screenplay editor.