The Cave

Published 15.11.2018 08:11

by tinybox

Total plays: 67

When we last left off, Scout found herself pushed by some invisible force into a sinkhole within the mysterious Axele Cave. With nowhere else to go, Scout must continue forward. Will she ever find her brother Finn? Will she ever discover what mission Finn took on in the first place? What's the deal with those creepy guys in robes? NOTE: You don't have to play the prologue if you don't want to, it's mostly there to set up the story. If, however, you're curious, feel free to check it out. I appreciate any comments and feedback, it helps me get better at making these games. :D Anyway it's almost one in the morning and I'm super tired so there many be some bugs that I haven't noticed yet. I'll check again when I'm more awake.