The Chess Clan

Published 03.03.2020 04:03

by Not That Kind of Chessboard

Total plays: 85

*****Game Still Under Development******* Your hero, whose car stalls in a very remote district of a region in a country, has to escape a district of parochial villagers in order to get back home. Around WWII, a missionary came to that remote district and introduced them to the game of chess. The clan members became so obsessed with the game, that they renamed their castes after various chess pieces, and formed a religion which was a mix of chess strategy and their ancient pagan religion, which distrusted outsiders. Lower castes and higher castes constantly infight... However, the castes have one thing in common.... They're less than welcoming to outsiders. Some are apathetic towards outsiders, while others are straight out hateful. You need to get out of that village with your life.

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