The Dahk Boys

Published 28.03.2020 09:03

by Willy the Dahk Boy

Total plays: 103

The Dahk Boys are a social people. Upon graduation, the Dahk boys banded together as they entered into the new world in search of coin and companionship. They had even "coined" the phrase, "Slay madames, not dragons" to remind themselves of their lifelong goals in the face of other temptations. They crave social interactions like story telling over a pint of mead or poking fun at those of inferior intelligence such as the other graduates along their scholarly journey. Yes, all seemed to be going according to plan for the Dahk Boys, until the year 20. A plague fell upon Cantada, their homeland, forcing the world into isolation and separating the Dahk Boys. In this isolation, they lost themselves and eachother. Some driven into a madness so deep they were outcast from the homeland, while others into went into hiding to avoid the debts they were now unable to pay as isolation had taken their ability to gather coin. It is up to you, the last sane Dahk Boy, to bring your boys home and collect enough coin to pay their debts. This quest, is to find the Dahk Boys, bring them back to reality, and help them raise the coin needed to settle their debts.

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