THE Dungeon

Published 09.11.2020 09:11

by Msquared

Total plays: 44

This is just a little game-world I created for my young son to run around in, fight monsters, and explore! I plan on trying to add quests, and activate hero health, etc. later, but just playing with the app for now. Feel free to have a look around at the "level design", nothing too exciting though beyond that.

One thought on “THE Dungeon

  • Marby

    I read what you wrote before. You just want to reactivate all monsters after the hero climbed up the rope to the village, right? This is easy:
    You don’t need a village token, but a token for each monster area. Right after the hero entered the area, check for the particular token. If it’s there make the hero to lose it and also activate all monsters for this area in that case. After the hero losed that token nothing will happen – even if he explore the area. However, as soon as the hero climbs up the rope, give him every token of each area. That’s all.