The girl named hero

Published 09.12.2020 05:12

by ill

Total plays: 35

"Hi! my names her- I mean...... Umm. Lilly? ....Ok fine! my real names hero.. Everyone is mean to me. Will you help me?"

One thought on “The girl named hero

  • SageSkate49

    Looks pretty interesting. A few things you may want to edit: In the first level, where the door is on the right, you could replace that with the light patches. They act exactly the same as doors, and they would fit the theme better. Or, possible, use and invisible door or two instead. The path to the school could be replaced, there are other ground tabs. Like, 3 at least, I think. I noticed that the schoolhouse outside was made of floors. There is a tab called “REFMAP Walls 1” and “REFMAP Walls 2”. Those will make it so that players can’t walk on the walls of the school. Also, if you don’t want players wandering around and swinging a sword in school (or at all), you can toggle that in the settings of the hero. It says, like “Swing Weapon” or something. It can be enabled later in the game by use of pressure plates or other things. But it’s really looking cool so far.