The Kingdom of Azerith

Published 13.02.2021 09:02

by wolf

Total plays: 59

You are lost. You can only remember how to speak and use your sword. You must find you way to somewhere where you can remember who you are and where your home is. Tell me if there are any problems. I can and will fix them. This is also a guide to your game. If you don't want help then just don't read past this point. The start. to attack click m and to go to the next level go up and to the left. The second level. From here you can fight of all the enemies or try to run through them. either works but if you run through you should collect almost all the health potions. There are two forks. At the first fork go left and at the second fork it doesn't matter which way you go. The village. You can explore if you want but you can also just go to the left. The outer castle. From here you should go down to the soldier memorial. In the graveyard there is a little boy who is trapped get to him and talk to him. He is the prince and he will run out of the memorial when you get to him. Then get out yourself and head left again. soon you should find a house with a guard blocking your way. If you have saved the prince you can get in. Otherwise you can't. Inside there is some talking. The only important thing is that you finish talking to the king and then head out. If you chose the reward of house then talk to the guard outside the house. He will show you to your house. There's quite a bit you can do in there so just explore for a while. When you ready you can head to the top of the outer castle and there you will find the moat and actual, or inner, castle. Walk to the drawbridge and then go to the gate. Then you will be at the inner castle. Inner castle. You can talk to the guy outside the dueling court and he will give you fighting lessons if you need help and it will also make your stats better. Then walk up to the building and go through the doors then just walk forward and you will talk with the king. After you can just explore. Maybe do some side quests. Goodluck!