The Life Of A Shopkeeper: Cave Raider (Chapter 1) (Complete!)

Published 12.09.2021 05:09

by Axemax

Total plays: 370

You wake up in the morning and go outside. It's a nice day, but no customers at the shop. You live with your (extremely frustrating) brother Rhyme, as you look for him and get into a boatload of issues. Who knew you'd wake up wanting to find customers and decide to try and slay a monster instead? Find out what happens here, in The Life Of A Shopkeeper, Chapter 1! (I don't feel like editing the fact that I spelled Goddess as Godess for the entire game. I'm sorry. Please cancel me.) v.2.3333333333 (or something) added a small gimmick to the final boss. Also made the rest of the game a bit easier as well as some spelling edits.