The Quest Board

Published 13.01.2021 06:01

by nooblet

Total plays: 126

You are a young waitress who always wanted to be an adventurer. When the tavern you work in adds a quest board for the adventurers you decide to take the chance and try completing all of the quests on the board. If you complete every quest, you'll be certain you have what it takes to become an adventurer! Game Features: Complete 10 different quests of varying difficulty, earn coins by working as a waitress or doing quests, and buy potions that'll help you on your adventure! (This is my first game, so if you find any bugs or anything that's off, please leave a comment about it!)

  • Marby

    This is a very good game! You’ve done very well with your map design and also the quest system is great. You can earn money in order to improve the abilities of the heroine. It’s funny, that there’s even a mouse in the tavern. 😀

    Here are some ideas, how you could improve your game:
    You should disable the “swords on the wall” message at the tavern, after it has been activated once.
    You also should deativate the sword, if the heroine is not in a place with monsters.
    After the heroine picked up the stolen book, your could transfer her to another map exactly looking like the previous one, but without the book in order to “hide” the book.
    A small bug:
    If you talk to the girl after retrieving the necklace, she will mention again, that she put a quest on the board.

    B.T.W. I did not found the hidden temple. However, that’s my own problem, since I’m not pretty good in stuff like that either. Nevertheless, I think this for sure is one of the best games I ever played on RPG Playground yet. I pretty much like your game. 🙂

    • nooblet

      Thank you for playing the game and providing feedback! It means a lot.
      -I like you’re idea for the swords message and I’ll probably implement it.
      -I’m not sure if I’ll disable the sword, because 1) it’s a lot of fun to swing it at NPCs and 2) the heroine always carries her sword on her, and nothing is really stopping her from swinging it whenever she wants.
      -I’m not sure if I’ll hide the book. Doing so would create an extra world the the player would only see for a few seconds.
      -Thanks for finding that bug! I’ll be sure to fix it.

      I wanted to make the hidden temple (commonly referred to as the Mysterious Temple in the game) hard to find, so I’m glad I achieved that. It was very hard to come up with a hint that doesn’t completely reveal it’s location and still be helpful, and I don’t believe I’ve achieved this. I don’t think the current hint is helpful, but everything else I’ve come up with just tells you where it is pretty much. I don’t want to spoil the location of it for you if you do consider playing it again, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
      (“I think this for sure is one of the best games I ever played on RPG Playground” such high praise! Thank you so much!)

      • Marby

        Ok. I understand that. Actually, the sword only has been a little annoying at the tavern. The first time the heroine does her job as a waitress, I of course read every message. However, after that I skipped the messages the following times. That also meant, I accidentally activated the sword over and over. Therefore, I suggested to deactivate the sword, when not needed.

        Another nice way would be doing that only at the tavern. You also could let the player decide, whether to store the sword somewehere or have it equipped. The location for storing could be the heroine’s house or, if you would like to make that more funny, the heroine could let the mouse pay attention to her sword in exchange for a piece of cheese, she first has to buy from her boss.

        But, of course, these only are some suggestions and what you’ll do with them is up to you. 🙂

        • nooblet

          While I was testing, I also experienced the same thing with the sword, but I didn’t see it as enough of an issue to actually fix. I do like the idea of letting the player store their sword in the heroine’s room if they wanted to. While I don’t see much purpose in the feature, it would allow the heroine’s house to be useful (instead of just an area I made for no reason). I think I’ll make it so that you aren’t allowed to enter the Mysterious Temple with a weapon so that the player actually has to use the feature. Great suggestion!