The Quest of the White Raven Part One

Published 19.05.2020 08:05

by Eli

Total plays: 20

A Word of Advice: You can speed through this game as fast as you want, but I ask that you take the time to fight the monsters, enjoy the scenery, and talk to the characters. That is all. When Kai, an unadventurous gardener from the village of Fox's Haven, turns eighteen, he decides to leave town for work. But along the way, he learns of an ancient treasure previously owned by the legendary Gilliam Foxworthy, known as the Horde of the White Raven. An incredibly short game with smart dialogue and a playtime of about thirty minutes in total, this beginner-friendly adventure is great for first-time RPG gamers, story enthusiasts, and people of all ages. this is a story certain to be a good time for anyone who wants a quick adventure for a peaceful Friday afternoon.