The Richest Man Alive

Published 03.10.2017 05:10

by prodphage

Total plays: 154

Play as Josh Rich. The Richest man alive. he leaves his mansion to do something… when he sets out on an adventure… without even knowing it


0 thoughts on “The Richest Man Alive

  • Hiya!
    Wow, that was quite an experience! I like the humor of this game, it’s pretty funny! I went to the Japanese village, and I was not disappointed! XD I noticed that the progression of this game was based on NPCs telling you where the door is, maybe for the next one you could try using the “token” and “teleport” system. I find it’s quite helpful, and you seem to have reached that level! Great work, and I look forward to what you have in the future!

    • Hey!
      Thanks for leaving feedback. I might improve on it but I’m currently working on a new game and it’s taking longer than I expected.


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