The Sheep Quest

Published 30.10.2022 09:10

by Iona Carter

Total plays: 68

Background Story: A young shepherd, Matteo, took over the family business when their parents died in a tragic accident. Matteo's family come in first place every year in the annual sheep contest, beating Gaston every year. Gaston always hated Matteo's family because he wanted to be first. So on the year Matteo's parents died he came up with a plan that he would morph himself into a sheep. But Matteo still won. Gaston had not given up. He decided that if he stole all of Matteo's sheep then Matteo wouldn't be able to win. One day, Matteo went out to the herd of sheep when he realised that all his sheep had been stolen from their field by the evil Gaston in the dead of night. Matteo must travel through worlds and complete challenges to get all the sheep back in time to come first and beat Gaston in the annual sheep contest. Your Goals: Your sheep have been stolen by the horrible Gaston so that he can win the annual sheep contest instead of you. Complete the levels and challenges to collect all your sheep and get closer to stop Gaston winning the annual sheep contest before it is too late. Rules: - Use the arrow keys to move around on the screen - Talk to all the other characters - Solve puzzles - After a level has been completed, go through the door - After you complete each level and get your sheep, they will meet you at the contest because they are being prepared for judging. ENJOY!!