The Silver Dragoness Tales Demo vr. 1.07

Published 04.11.2022 12:11

by RevJoe98

Total plays: 26

Sevlina is a silver dragon-human hybrid this means her human father and all humans and dragons reject her the only one who hadn't rejected her was her mother a silver dragon master of all elements including love who died when Sevlina was 5 while attempting to save her. It is Sevlina's goal to make peace with both of her families. Sevlina also has a gift she can look human and sound like a human and appear normal and have human abilities (humans have powers in this game) ; she can also look like a dragon and have dragon abilities. Includes overworld! Rating: Teen+: Violence, Violent References, and Descriptions of Death. Genres: Action, RPG, Fantasy, and Short RPG. Enjoy the Demo! Small bug fixes and Vuerdon Valley complete vr. 1.07. P.S. I make games that are more on the dialogue heavy side. 😁

One thought on “The Silver Dragoness Tales Demo vr. 1.07

  • Macmor

    Okay, you have a lot of potential. I looked at the code of your game and I like that you’re trying to experiment with what the code has to offer. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask! Just a little tip, invisible_floor_switch3 in the Outsidetent1 level should be changed to an invisible actor and placed directly on the door. I found I can just walk around it and skip the choice. Good job so far!