The Sword of Destiny- Remastered Edition

Published 31.05.2019 12:05

by Luna the Dungeon Master

Total plays: 146

I've remastered the Sword of Destiny! The tokens should be a bit more controllable now, and there's a stylistic upgrade. I haven't updated everything, as that would take a literal millennium, but almost everything now has more polish. If I get enough feedback, I may add some more late-game content, work on combat mechanics a bit more, and add some items- maybe even a hard mode if you really want it.

One thought on “The Sword of Destiny- Remastered Edition

  • SageSkate49

    Looks really cool. One issue I found is that there are a lot of triggers that aren’t marker. For example: many doors aren’t really marked. Inside the inn/tavern and the cave just to the south-east of it. In those, you could use the light pools doors that are in the objects section to make it clear. For the heart of the Rat King, maybe you could put one of the red orbs over it, so it’s easy to see. Cool story, but the invisibleness of things makes some things hard.