Zorok V0.08 (The End)

Published 21.11.2022 04:11

by jj11awsome2

Total plays: 44

NOW AVAILABLE ON ITCH.IO (No Download Yet) Zorok is a thrilling Top-Down 2D Action-adventure RPG game THAT WORKS IN YOUR WEB BROWSER with a expanding universe and endless possibilities. The world of Zorok is constantly updated with some new content, possibly events, to explore, allowing players to delve deeper into the game's vast world. Player ideas are welcomed AND sometimes incorporated into the development process to further enrich the game it's all being created in a web browser itself. Experience fast-paced strategy combat some lore, strategic builds and enjoyment- ONLY IN ZOROK (this description was completely AI generated) ↓Changelog below↓ What's new in version V0.08 -Added The Final Level -Changed some code -Preparing for full release