white flower syndrome

Published 15.10.2017 10:10

by 100970

Total plays: 38

this game is very early on. i'm planning much more quests and story! white flower syndrome revolves around tessa, a young lady who used to work as a guard in the poor, desolate town of seda. murdoc had overthrown the monarchy, and reigns supreme. murdoc is a tyrant, and forces labour on the citizens of seda. due to this, many died. murdoc would bury the peoples in a mysterious area that is guarded. no weaponry is allowed in the town anymore, and is guarded, which is the reasoning behind murdoc lurking around seda. the white flowers speckled across seda's atmosphere have a powder lingering, and it is known to cause insanity. tessa's parents have been killed due to murdoc, but tessa is unaware. murdoc had to break the news to her.