Work at a Checkpoint.

Published 01.08.2023 10:08

by The Number 1 Evil Dog

Total plays: 9

A Small little game. wich ending will you get? What more little games? Check out my group:

  • Axemax

    Okay, this game (or I guess kind of like a very short visual… choose your own adventure novel?) was actually pretty alright. Big question though- how’d you manage to get that completely black screen on the beginning and end? I’d really like if I knew how so I could actually use that in my own games (which I am resisting to link in the comments) yeah? anyways, thanks. good game!

    • The Number 1 Evil Dog

      Thanks and Its very simple first at the first level just make the level 1×2 add at prob that blocks the player from moving up then add many shadows cause the shadow overlaps with over shadows do it until every thing is dark at the end i just copied the “first” level and changed the text. Then you are done!