Below is a list of educational games on RPG Playground. They have been made by both students and teachers, and cover history, biology, art, etc. Notice that these games can be played on any device, and no download is required (works in your web browser):

  • Desktop computers: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chromebook
  • Tablets (iPad and Android)
  • Mobile phones (iPhone and Android).

Offer the PREMIUM version to your students with the educational license.

RPG Playground is described by one educator as “a perfect ‘low floor high ceiling’ tool. A low floor high ceiling tool is something that is easy to get started with, but is powerful enough to allow more advanced usage.  As well as the usability and depth of the tool, I love how learners can drive their own learning through tutorials, and how it can be purposeful learning, by making a game for others to enjoy and learn from.”

It’s really easy to make games with RPG Playground. The following video shows everything you need to know:

When you made an educational game yourself, please let me know so I can add it to the list. That way you can share it with other teachers and their students.

If you want to offer the premium version or RPG Playground to your students, you can order a license at

Literature – Poetry Adventure

Made by a student, praised by the teacher :).

Click the title below to play.

Finance – Kiwi Saver (New Zealand)

From the teacher: “We use RPG Playground for the development of literacy skills and for teaching digital literacy. We run a little RPG club on Friday lunchtimes so that they can learn how to use the platform and then, we get them to use it to show their learning about a particular area. They can use it to publish a story they have written or use it as a way to explain a concept or idea. The conversations between sprites can act as a way for the kids to explain for example, how to do a particular Math strategy or in Literacy, how to summarise or clarify words etc. You could even get the sprites to explain a more complex idea such as the water cycle!
I also like that the kids can pair up and collaborate. This helps the cross pollination of ideas and also enables kids to take their learning to a deeper level as they have to explain parts of their knowledge about a certain subject area to each other. “

Click the title below to play.

Psychology – Grieving Process Presentation-Engelhardt

Made by a nursing student to teach fellow students about the grieving process. Click the title below to play.

History – The Netherlands Game

From the creator: “The school assignment was that the people in my class were split up into different groups and assigned a different European country. I had gotten the Netherlands. Then, we were told to research our country and create questions relating to their colonizations of part of America. The teacher had urged us to find a good way to present the information so we did two things. A website and the teacher had brought up the idea of it being interactive so a game was the first thing that came to mind. I had done some searching and had come across RPG playground. I had experimented with it and had really enjoyed it.”

History – Life of Sarah Edmonds during the Civil War

Another game made by a student. Go through Sarah Edmonds life it the civil war as Franklin Thompson.

Biology – Glimpse at Bacteria

Math (Spanish) – Probabilistán

A Spanish game about probability for 12-13 year old kids.

If you are a Spanish educator, you can check out this Spanish tutorial series:

Literature – The Creation Legend

Teacher made a game about the Romulus and Remus myth, because “It is going to be so much better than reading about it and talking about it on a video call”

History – International Women’s day

Math (French)

Measurements (Dutch)

History – Telesilla of Argos